dinsdag 29 mei 2012

maandag 14 mei 2012

donderdag 10 mei 2012

Tribute to where the wild things are

Two days ago, Maurice Sendak, author of "Where the Wild Things Are" died at the age of 83. It was one of my favorite books growing up, although I read the Dutch translation " Max en de Maximonsters". I must have read it at least a 1000 times (...and I still love and read it...)

I love where the wild things are! 

I know where they live, 
they live in brave little girls!

maandag 7 mei 2012

Happy pinning!

Oww I just love pinterest. It's great for mood-boards, illustration referral boards, inspiration...and as I discovered...excellent for making lists. 
This is at the moment my most important board, for I know I'll depend on it for surviving June-July and August!!!.... 

How to spend 103 days of summer-vacation...?

Please (pretty please!) feel free to add suggestions!!! 

we'll make a melted crayons art piecemake T-shirts with our own versions of this: Mya Angelou: one of my favorite poets, Jean Michel Basquiat: one of my favorite artists...make a forest wall with felt markers...just to pick the right wall...we'll build a pillow fortwe'll make our own Lego Walloow...the things you can do...with duct tape