maandag 7 mei 2012

Happy pinning!

Oww I just love pinterest. It's great for mood-boards, illustration referral boards, inspiration...and as I discovered...excellent for making lists. 
This is at the moment my most important board, for I know I'll depend on it for surviving June-July and August!!!.... 

How to spend 103 days of summer-vacation...?

Please (pretty please!) feel free to add suggestions!!! 

we'll make a melted crayons art piecemake T-shirts with our own versions of this: Mya Angelou: one of my favorite poets, Jean Michel Basquiat: one of my favorite artists...make a forest wall with felt markers...just to pick the right wall...we'll build a pillow fortwe'll make our own Lego Walloow...the things you can do...with duct tape

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